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Summer is here! Do you want to try something different this summer holiday? Well, if you love views from above, then Cyprus is the place to be. Regardless of where you are headed, Cyprus is home to stunning locations where you can admire the surrounding environment from the top of a cliff or mountain. Here are the best views in Cyprus to visit and to plan a memorable holiday around!


Best views in Cyprus: Sceneries

Troodos Mountain

troodos mountains national geopark environment life species 2km lake best views in cyprusRenowned for being the largest mountain range of Troodos Mountains is located right at the center of the island. On your way to this spectacular location, you will come across a good number of spots offering great views of the beautiful environment. Step out of your car, sit on one of the benches set aside just for you and enjoy stunning views of the forests and lush green mountains from above.


Aphrodite’s Rock

aphrodite aphrodites birth place rock god of beaty cyprus bay beach view tourists best views in cyprusLocated just few kilometers from the town of Paphos, Aphrodite’s Rock is a popular spot amongst local visitors and tourists from different parts of the world. Prior to getting to the Aphrodite’s rock, you will come across an amazing location offering scenic views. The sight is incredibly beautiful and one of the best views in Cyprus. What else could you ask for than enjoying the beauty of nature the best way possible.



Best views in Cyprus: Beaches

Cape Greko

cape greco thrilling view cyprus beach bay sunrise rocks caves clear water crystal blue best views in cyprusThis is, perhaps, the most breathtaking viewpoints in Cyprus. The Cape Greko is a must visit. The crystal clear blue water makes the place a phenomenal spot to chill and one of the best views in Cyprus. It is an ideal location to relax, unwind and admire stunning views of the sparkling blue ocean waters, right after a fulfilled time on the beach. Do not miss the warm summer sunset before returning to your hotel, and I guarantee you’ll never want to leave. The view is just magical!


Konnos Bay

konnos beach water sports ayia napa protaras blue water cyprus beaches views Renowned for being on the most photographed beaches in Konnos Bay has close proximity to Cape Greko. Its surrounding hills and rocks makes for a great location to enjoy some magnificent views. Remember to bring your camera as plenty photography opportunities awaits you here.


There you have it! The best views in Cyprus, spots to admire irresistible views of the island. Indeed, these places will leave you speechless. Follow up the best sceneries of Cyprus at Cyprus Beaches: Best Coasts of the Island for a complete list of the most picturesque beaches to swim in.




| March 15, 2017