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The ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’ Cyprus offers tourists to enjoy its eye-catching natural beauty, attractive historical sight, twinkling sea, and the people’s hospitality. Cyprus is famous for its many amazing and magnificent places which are very attractive to the tourists. You cannot complete your travelling in Cyprus without visiting some of the most astonishing places. Enjoy a complete holiday destination package when travelling the luxurious and historical country, Cyprus. Join us to find out the best places to visit in Cyprus!


Best places to visit in Cyprus

The cultural Larnaca

finikoudes larnaca main square shops cosmopolitan road beach blue water best places to visit in cyprusLarnaca is the capital of the eponymous district and is a splendid city on the Southern coast of Cyprus. You can get an awesome experience by visiting this third largest city after Nicosia and Limassol. Waiting for the travelers, here is the very eye-catching palm tree seafront, the primary Larnaca International Airport, The Kamares Aqueduct, the Hala Sultan Tekke, the Church of Saint Lazarus, and a medieval fort. Additionally, you can include visiting the splendid theatre and an amazing art gallery in your list.


The cosmopolitan Ayia Napa

ayia napa airphotography hotels nightclubs exotic crystal clear water nissi beach touristic holidays coast beaches best places to visit in cyprusAyia Napa is an attractive town of Famagusta District and one of the best places to visit in Cyprus. It is the largest tourist resort of Cyprus. A surprising thing for you! Moreover, there are more than 145 hotels with a capacity of 27000 tourist beds and the area is famous for its significant historical sites and exotic looking crystal clear beaches. Ayia Napa Sculpture Park, municipal Marine Museums, and many superb sites are available to make your journey just incredible. Lastly, a variety of programmes such as concerts, operas, and Cypriot and foreign folk dancing are all time favorite visiting sites for the tourists.


The ancient Kourion

ancient kingdom of kourion limassol theater greek settlement civilization tombs rocks historical site landmark best places to visit in cyprusKourion was among the most famous ancient attraction, located on the west coast of Limassol. The lovely town Kourion is well known for its gorgeous mosaics that decorate the floors in the beautiful mansion and yards. You can get an awesome experience visiting the very impressive musical and theatrical events. So, do not miss to explore Kourion, which was a major ancient city in the Kingdom of Cyprus.


The amazing peninsula of Akamas

peninsula of akamas paphos pafos blue lagoon clear water rocks coasts natural life geopark forests protected cruise best places to visit in cyprusIf you are a beach lover, the western coastline of Cyprus is an accurate travelling site for you! First of all, the Akamas lies in the island of Cyprus, which is home to a variety of wildlife and eye-catching lavish beaches. In the city nearby, Paphos, you can discover historical and cosmopolitan sites, mosques and churches and other. The splendid beauty of deserted beaches has been always ready to welcome the tourists. The Akamas peninsula is definitely one of the best places to visit in Cyprus and should be on your list when visiting Cyprus!


The glamorous Limassol

city of limassol molos bridge main square paraliakos hotels marina trees bue water sea seaside best places to visit in cyprusLimassol – a traditional walled city and the heart of Cyprus. In particular, you must include visiting this site for two of the most iconic milestones such as Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and the St. Barnabas Monastery. Furthermore, the outer part of the district has some of the most stunning villages of Cyprus. Limassol is a place where merchants and ship owners managed their lives of luxury for a variety of commercial activities.


The beauty of Cyprus does not stop here, check out the Best Views in Cyprus for more outstanding places with exceptional appeal to visit!


| July 2, 2017