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Probably you will be confused to make such a tricky decision about tasting food but remember Cypriots consider food as an integral part of their culture! Starters, main dishes and desserts, all take part in a Cyprus traditional food meal. They usually come with a variety of styles and flavors. To help you, below I am presenting information on some delicious and popular traditional foods of Cypriot cuisine.


Cyprus Traditional food: Main Courses


cypriot souvla souvlaki cyprus traditional food meat barbeque foukou dish salad gyros eastern deliciousYou can feel an unbelievable taste! First of all, Souvla is a famous Greek fast food containing small pieces of meat. Enjoy it with grilled bread or in a pita wrap with a large amount of fresh salad and sauces. The meat used is usually pork, lamb, chicken, and beef. Taverns serve lamb, chicken, beef and especially swordfish. Additionally, you can also choose vegetarian options such as halloumi and mushroom to enjoy this delicious food dish.



ophto kleftiko ofto kleftico lamb meat recipe traditional cyprus food tastyThis amazing dish is made with juicy lamb or goat and is baked in a clay oven with vegetables for a minimum of twenty-four hours. Kleftico, before baking, it is marinated with cinnamon and lemon juice. Cypriots bake the boned pieces of lamb with cheese and vegetables wrapped in phyllo. I am sure you will love it!


mousakas mousaka pastitsio makaronia tou fournou traditional cypriot pasta in the oven with minced meat and creme bessamel A very popular Cyprus traditional food is the minced meat dish which is based on Aubergine (eggplant), tomato, and the minced meat of lamb. The yummy dish is also covered with white sauce which is made with butter and flour cooked in milk. Mousaka is usually baked in a cooking tray and served to the whole family.


Cyprus Traditional food: Starters and Deserts


cypriot meze cyprus traditional food different dishes platter starters tasty green monday taramas elies olives tzantzikiAnother part of the Cyprus traditional foods is a Meze platter which are small dishes which can be hot or cold, spicy or savoury. Taverns usually serve Tahini (a traditional sauce) or Saganaki (a traditional fried cheese). Alternatively, you can have seafood items like grilled octopus or the delicious pork meat bites.



loukoumades lokoumades fried dough balls soaked honey delicious tasty cyprus traditional food epiphany

Deep fried dough balls, soaked in honey and coated generously in crushed nuts, cinnamon, and sesame seeds, makes these delicious deserts. Loukoumades (or Lokma) is an amazingly tasty sweet dessert you can get it in coffee shops throughout the country.



notorious cyprus traditional cheese grilled salad melting food side popular halloumi haloumiA superb, tasty cheese, Halloumi is produced by combining a mixture of goat and sheep’s milk and sometimes cow’s milk as well. Halloumi is set with rennet and has a high melting point so that it is easy to fry or grill. This Cyprus traditional food is probably the most popular one. Most noteworthy, restaurant serve halloumi as a exotic ingredient or a side in many different countries around the world.


Ekmek Kadayifi

Ekmek Kadayifi popular sweet desserts turkey cyprus syrup soaked honey traditional food ice creamEkmek Kadayifi is one of the very popular sweet desserts in Cyprus and looks like a syrup-soaked sponge. Furthermore, you can enjoy superb sweet cakes made with honey and nuts.


I’m sure you are now thinking of the amazingly tasty loukoumades and the luxurious Mousaka, so here’s a quick overview of the best Places to eat in Cyprus.


| July 15, 2017