Organic food

The food will mostly come from the local villagers that produce their greens and vegetables the old fashion way, free from pesticides and chemicals.

Organic food is actually the traditional farming that the villagers knew from their ancestors and pass on to each generation. Most of the villagers grow their own vegetables and fruits in their backyards and have a few chickens or pigs that feed them with natural grass taken from the fields.

Since Cyprus is blessed with a wonderful weather a variety of fruits and vegetables grow throughout the year. The seasonality of the products is essential to guarranty the healthiest choice of food. During the summer you will enjoy juicy tomatoes, mouthwatering cucumbers, greens such as fresh blackeye beans (louvi), watermelons, melons, cherries, apricots, nectarines; different varieties of grapes and apples during the fall, and delicious oranges and tangerines during the winter.


Most household waste is composted instead of being dumped in the trash bins. It is estimated that the amount of garbage each one of us “produces” during our lifetime, equals about 600 times of our weight. Composting reduces this waste and protects the environment.

  Energy saving

Cyprus is blessed with sunshine for more than 300 days a year, thus, taking advantage of the solar energy is important. Solar panels are installed in both houses. Photovoltaic systems are installed in both houses, which cover most of the needs in electricity. Solar energy is clean and does not cause greenhouse gases or air pollution. Moreover, all light bulbs in both houses are LED. LED lighting is estimated to have an 80-90% energy efficiency. The car is powered by gas with 50% less emission.

  Organic products

Toxins cannot only be absorbed by food, but they can also be absorbed through the skin. Most of the common soaps and shampoos sold in the industry have questionable chemicals that have been associated with allergies and more serious illnesses. My effort is to use as much natural products in your stay, including organic soaps and shampoos that are made of natural olive oil, herbs and beeswax, just like the ones our grandparents used to make and use.

* To be fully implemented by 2018