The Programme

What if we have a vegeterian in our group?
That will be totally fine, I can provide you some delicious meatless dishes and sides instead.
Will you be with us during our stay?
Yes, I will be with you during most of the time unless requested otherwise. I will pick you up from the airport and drive you to the accomodation at first. I will take you to the various excursions and guide you in the meantime. And lastly I bring you back to the airport when you are living.
Can we request any changes to the current programme?
Yes, you can ask for changes if you wanted to and they will be made if possible. That depends mostly on the required time and distance.
Which airport is closer to our accommodation?
Larnaka airport is the closest airport and will be just 15 minutes drive to the accomodation.
What if we are arriving at another airport?
That will be fine, you are arriving at the Pafos airport which is about 2 hours drive to the accomodation. There is another airport in the occupied side of Cyprus, Kyrenia Airport from where I can’t pick you up unfortunately due to political reasons.
How many nights is the indicated price for?
That price is for 7 overnights. Your holidays can be extended or shorten to a minimum of 5 nights. Prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Reservation & price

Does the price include all costs and taxes?
Yes, it includes all taxes and has no hidden costs. Also, the price includes all meals and drinks, excursions, museum tickets and all the transfers. Personal expenses like shopping are not included.
How many people have to be in the group for booking with me?
The group have to be consisted of 4 to 6 people.
What is the minimum number of nights we can book with you?
It has to be over 5 nights. In addition the price changes accordingly, for example if you book for 5 nights you will pay for the 5/7 of the price.
Does the price include the flight tickets?
Unfortunately not. You will have to book through your favorite airways.
Do children pay the full price?
They dont, there is a 40% discount for children under 10 years old while they will still enjoy full package.
How do I complete the reservation?
A deposit of 15% is required for completing the reservation. The full amount should be paid at destination. Once you make a reservation request, I will reply on with all the details. If you still have any questions feel free to contact me.