"Urban and rural Cyprus in 3 days time"

Be involved in a number of different activities like fishing, wine tasking and sightseeing UNESCO protected Neolithic, Byzantine and Venetian archaeological sites to discover Cyprus' magical heritage.


Explore Cyprus' mixture of cultural and historical elements from a plethora of activities. Each uniquely reflects a different aspect of the island.
A great idea would be to visit Stavrovouni monastery near Lefkara village in Larnaca. Alternatively, you can go exploring in the national geopark in the Troodos Mountains or go fishing at the Tamassos Dam in Politiko village.

Heritage Sites

Stavrovouni monastery is perched on a rocky peak, 750 metres above sea level. Legend says that the monastery was founded in the 4th century by St. Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine the Great, who left a relic of the Holy Cross at the monastery.
Kourion theater built druing the Greco-Roman period has been completely restored. The theater is believed that at some point in time was used for gladiator games as well. Today it hosts theatrical performances during the summer months.

More Options

It is understandable that visitors have a wide range of interests so I tailor the programme to better suit your taste with visits to museums & ancient cities, the modern Temple of Apollon, Nicosia (the last divided capital) and other villages & cities. On the other hand, we may be more involved with the Cyprus tradition by visiting bee & sheeps farms, zivaneries & wineries, halloumi or soutziouko workshops and icons workshops.
Additionally, we can have an adventure together like hiking over nature trails in the countride or in the villages we are visiting, go out fo fruit collection of oranges and mandarins, olives, grapes, carob fruit harvest and others (eg. figs, melons, cactus figs) or have cooking lessons together.
Extra Cost Activities: There are a couple of activities you can do with a small cost as visits to churches & monasteries , dancing lessons, Aquarium, Camel park, Horses park, physiotherapy, Hamam Omerye Spa in Nicosia and beach overnight with BBQ. You can also try different sports activities like biking , fishing at the Dam, fishing at the sea, Geo-Tourism, water sports, mini cruise, Waterpark, Kyperounta Adventure Park, yoga and archery.

Airport Pickup

I will be happy to pick up visitors from Larnaka International Airport. After meeting up at the airport we will move to your first accommodation. Unless requested otherwise this is going to be Tzionis Stonehouse in Lympia.
From Larnaca's airport is going to be a 20 minutes drive to the accommodation in Lympia. There I will let you rest and meet you again when the first excursion starts!


Hi, I'm George, I'm born and raised with elements of tradition and culture in Lympia village in Cyprus.
I love showing people around and introducing them first-hand to what I know and love about Cyprus.

I a happy member of a big family. We have two sons with my wife, one daughter and a crazy dog called "Oliver". As I studied in Austria, I fluently speak German and English.


Explore Cyprus' cultural heritage and traditions in a number of different activities and excursions.
Book now George full-day excursions from €45 per person per day for groups of 4 to 6 people and €49 per person per day for groups of 2 to 3 people!

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