"Spacious with an amazing courtyard"

Tzionis' Traditional Stonehouse is located in Lympia village in Cyprus. Due to the central location of the village, it constitutes a great place to stay for people travelling around the island. It was built by my grade grandparents about 100 years ago, rebuilt by my parents about 70 years ago and has been recently renovated with care on its cultural heritage and on its traditional built. The stonehouse is constituted by 3 rooms, two rooms with double beds and a room with two single beds. At the back side of the house there is large in-house courtyard and a car park right outside.




Located at the front-right of the stonehouse and contains one double bed. The room has air-conditioning and heating.


Located at the back of the stonehouse and contains two single beds. The room has air-conditioning and heating.


Located at the front-left of the stonehouse and contains one double bed. The room has air-conditioning, heating and a traditional items showcase.



Internet Access
Safety Precautions
Environmentally Friendly


Lympia village is located in outskirts of Larnaca. The village has a small population of about 2500 people. It is known for its olives and cheese production, especially the notorious Cypriot-original halloumi cheese. 

The central square of Lympia located next to Agios Georgios Church has a number of coffee shops both modern and traditional and a kebab take away.



Lampraki 1,
Lympia 2566,


20km from Nicosia (about 15 min)
25km from Larnaca (about 20 min)
50km from Ayia Napa (about 35 min)


Hi, I'm George, I'm born and raised with elements of tradition and culture in Lympia village in Cyprus. I love showing people around and introducing them first-hand to what I know and love about Cyprus.


Get the chance to have an exciting and refilling break at traditional stonehouse. The central location of the stone house makes it one of the best places to start your adventure exploring Cyprus.
Book from just €19 per person per day!

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